The Best Vegan Pizza You Can Buy on Amazon

[toc]Everyone knows that pizza is America’s favorite food. And there’s no occasion that doesn’t call for a delicious pizza! The superbowl, a birthday party, even a Netflix and chill Friday night – they’re all excellent occasions for pizza. But sometimes when you’re vegan, ordering pizza for takeout isn’t always easy. A lot of pizza shops still don’t offer vegan alternatives.

Luckily, there’s a solution – today we’re going to introduce you to the best vegan pizza on Amazon!

What is Vegan Pizza?

Vegan pizza is exactly what you would think it would be – pizza made specifically for those on a vegan diet. In other words, it’s pizza that is made without the addition of any animal products.

The good news is, most pizza doughs don’t contain eggs or other animal byproducts. It is, of course, always important to do your diligence on this, as we can’t speak for all doughs. The main culprit of animal products on pizza, however, are the toppings. Cheese is the main non-vegan ingredient used on pizza, along with meat toppings like bacon, ham, and pepperoni.

A pizza that is vegan will be void of all of these things, using alternative substitutes for cheese and toppings.

What is a Vegan Pizza Made From?

Vegan pizza consists of everything that regular pizza does, it just uses substitutes instead of animal products. This means it has a crust, a sauce, and toppings.

The Crust:

In most cases, vegan pizza crust is made from the same thing as regular pizza crust. Though many people fear that pizza dough contains eggs, this isn’t the case for most doughs. In fact, putting eggs in pizza dough would create an entirely different type of dough that would be rich and dense.

The majority of pizza doughs don’t contain any butter or dairy either. Rather, pizza dough uses a blend of flour, yeast, salt, water, and olive oil – all of which are vegan friendly.

Having said that, some people or restaurants add extra ingredients to their doughs, so it’s always best to ask what the crust is made of if it’s a concern for you.

The sauce:

Like the pizza dough, most pizza sauces are vegan friendly. Tomato based sauces generally consist of tomatoes, garlic, onion, olive oil, and a blend of herbs – all of which are completely vegan friendly.


Cheese is one of the main ingredients on pizza, but it isn’t vegan friendly. While some vegans don’t have a problem eating their pizza without any cheese at all, others seek out friendly alternatives. Luckily, there’s lots of vegan cheese options to choose from.

These alternatives mimic the taste and texture of real cheese, but are made from plant-based ingredients. Vegan cheeses can include things like vegetable oil, soy proteins, yeast, flour, nuts, and/or a blend of multiple ingredients.

Plus – there’s a vegan cheese out there for every palette. Whether your cheese of choice is mozzarella, ricotta, or parmesan, you can find a milk-free alternative for all your favorite cheeses.


The majority of pizza toppings are vegan friendly – onions, olives, peppers – pretty much any vegetable you choose to add to your pizza will be vegan friendly. Obviously, it’s the meats where you get in trouble – bacon, ham, pepperoni – these are all non-vegan friendly foods.

Does that mean you can’t add a meaty flavor to your pizza? Absolutely not! Again, there’s lots of vegan-friendly, plant-based meat alternatives out there. Whether you want vegan bacon, vegan pepperoni, vegan ham, vegan sausage, or vegan chicken, there’s lots of alternatives out there to choose from.

Is Vegan Pizza Healthy?

Well, it really all depends. Many people make the false assumption that all vegan food is healthy. But there’s lots of vegan foods out there that are loaded with salts, fats, and preservatives. So whether or not your vegan pizza is a healthier alternative to regular pizza really depends on what toppings you use. As a general rule of thumb, if you stick to fresh herbs, vegetables, and plant based ingredients, your pizza should be a pretty healthy option. Organic ingredients and pizzas made without additive ingredients and GMOs are also important when health is what you’re going for.

Are vegan pizzas lower in calories?

Generally speaking, yes, most vegan pizzas are lower in calories than regular pizza. The calories, cholesterol, and saturated fats that are in the cheese and processed meats on most regular pizzas are the reason it is often considered to be unhealthy. But because vegan pizzas are made up of fully plant-based alternatives, the calories are greatly reduced. Furthermore, all plant-based food is free of cholesterol, so if your pizza is 100% vegan, it’s also cholesterol free, making it a healthier choice.

You can buy pizza on Amazon?

Yes! If you live in the United States, you can buy vegan friendly pizzas right off of Amazon and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Many people like to make their own vegan-friendly pizzas at home, but if you’re not in the mood for cooking, a quick pre-made pizza is a great option – just pop it in the oven for 20 minutes and enjoy!

The Best Vegan Pizza you can buy on Amazon:

If you go to Amazon and type in “vegan pizzas”, there’s lots of different options that will come up. But we’ve picked our favorite three:

1. American Flatbread Vegan Plant-Based Meat Lovers Pizza

This pizza is an easy dinner solution for nights that you don’t feel like putting a lot of effort into cooking. For just $59.99, you get a 6 pack of this vegan-meat lovers pizza. Not only is this American Flatbread option completely vegan, but it’s also made from 100% organic ingredients. That means there’s no preservatives and no fillers for you to worry about.

Hand-crafted and wood-fired, there’s little about this pizza not to get excited about. Plus, it’s shipped frozen and arrives frozen – ready to pop in the oven and eat!

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2. The Alpha Pizza

Sold in packs of 6 for $69.99, Alpha Pizzas come in 3 different flavors including Buffalo Chik’n, Classic mozza, and Supreme. All pizzas use dairy and animal free alternatives, and come in personal pizzas sizes (with 8 per pack). These pizzas make the perfect appetizer, or can be used for a full meal. They are packed full of flavor, yet still free of animal products and artificial additives. The pizza is completely animal friendly – but you’d never know it by tasting it.

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Make Your Own Pizza: Golden Home Ultra Thin Pizza Crust

If you have time to make your own pizza, this Golden Home pizza crust is the perfect option for your base. Made from 100% whole grains, this pizza crust is not only vegan friendly and delicious, but also healthy! The dough contains a variety of sprouted grains, and is packed full of proteins, fibers, and omega 3’s. Just add your toppings of choice, cook, and enjoy your own homemade vegan pizza!

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Why Buy on Amazon?

With Covid-19 still in full effect, the less risks we take, the better. And that includes going to the grocery store. When you buy off Amazon, all products are delivered directly to your door, with absolutely zero contact and zero risk.

Furthermore, Amazon’s vegan friendly pizzas are delivered frozen and arrive to your home frozen. With Amazon, you don’t ever have to worry about your pizza de-thawing before it gets to you. All deliveries are quick and timely.

And finally, Amazon makes vegan friendly alternatives easy. While there are pizza franchises out there that offer vegan alternatives, they aren’t always the easiest to find. But when you order in bulk off Amazon, you have pizza ready at your fingertips whenever you get the all-American craving.

Can I buy vegan pizza in the grocery store?

Of course! Vegan pizzas used to be very difficult to find, but as more and more people are seeing the benefits of becoming vegan, the options are becoming easier to find. Just head to the frozen pizza section of your local grocery store, and there should be lots of vegan options. Daiya, Amy’s pizza, Salsiccia Italiano, and Sweet Earth are just a few of the many top name brands in vegan pizza for you to try.

What pizza chains carry vegan pizza?

A lot of chain restaurants are starting to offer vegan alternatives as well. Some of the biggest names that are now offering vegan options include Pizza hut, Boston Pizza, Pizza Pizza, and Dominos!

In conclusion – Amazon is a great place to buy vegan pizza or vegan pizza crust. Whether you want a ready-to-cook pizza or want to make your own, Amazon will always deliver your order fresh and on-time!