The Salal Berries Health Benefits That Make Them a Must Eat

Today, we are more aware than ever of the health benefits found in natural food. Vitamins, minerals, and beneficial antioxidants can be found throughout the natural produce we consume. Among fruits and vegetables, berries are among the most nutritious and beneficial foods in the natural world. While we are all increasingly aware of the health benefits of blueberries and acai berries, have you heard about salal berries?


There are numerous salal berries health benefits that might make them the ideal fruit to start adding to your pantry. What, though, are some of the main benefits to your well-being that salal berries can offer?

What are salal berries?

Salal berries grow on the Salal plant, a plant that is native to the Pacific Northwest. Salal has a long history of being used for both medicinal support and cooking. Sometimes referred to as shallon or even gaultheria, these berries grow on shrubs that can grow as large as 5ft in height. The egg-shaped leaves immediately stand out, and the dark blue salal berries stand out on the plant from afar.

The salal berries (as well as the younger leaves on the salal plant) are edible and are regarded as having a unique, enjoyable flavour. If you are a fan of huckleberries, you might find that salal berries make a great choice for something different. 

The berries have commonly been used for treating various ailments, as well. Commonly, they are broken down and used as a topical treatment for cuts and burns. When infused, they can typically assist with everything from indigestion and diarrhea to helping reduce discomfort from respiratory infections.

So, the health benefits salal berries can offer are pretty extensive. What, though, can they do for you when eaten? What benefits can they provide to your body if you make eating salal berries a regular part of your diet?

What are the main salal berries health benefits?

Salal berries are considered to be a nutritious food, and some of the main health benefits associated with them include:

A great source of vitamin C

One of the main salal berries health benefits is the prominence of Vitamin C. these are rich in this essential vitamin, which plays a role in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and teeth. If you are looking for a way to get more Vitamin C into your diet, salal berries can make this a little bit less complex than it was before.

Packed with antioxidants

Like most berries, salal berries are rich in antioxidants. Indeed, studies have found that salal berries can provide more antioxidants than almost any other berry out there. This has given rise to the suggestion that salal berries might be among the healthiest berries in the world – yes, even ahead of blueberries and cranberries. At least when it comes to antioxidant count, research suggests salal berries might be the winner.

Prominent disease prevention

Given their high count of flavonoids, salal berries can go a long way to preventing disease and illness. Some studies suggest that salal berries could play a role in reducing issues as varied as a cardiovascular illness to kidney infections and varicose veins. Flavonoids have been shown to have a positive impact on these conditions, and salal berries are very rich in flavonoids indeed. 

High tannin and anthocyanin count

Salal berries are also noted for their high count of tannins and anthocyanins. Tannins are found within the plant tissue and come from the leaves and bark. This becomes part of the berries. So, too, do the anthocyanins – which produce red and/or blue colours in some plant life. These two components have been shown in the past to protect a whole range of issues, such as reducing the risk of strokes and heart attacks to even reducing the risk of metabolic conditions such as type 2 diabetes. 

Natural dietary fiber

A prominent benefit of eating salal berries is the presence of dietary fiber. This can go a long way to giving your body the dietary fiber that it requires. Not only is fiber good for our bodies, but it can be an effective way to bulk up stool and make going to the toilet easier. A high-fiber diet will ensure you can easily go to the toilet consistently, reducing strain and minimising the risk of inflammation and piles.

Improve your digestion

By the same token, eating salal berries can be a useful way to help normalise and improve your digestion. They provide the fiber you need to help normalise and regulate your gut health. This can be useful for making sure that you can enjoy less discomfort as you eat the food later on in the day.

Combat cholesterol

Like most berries, salal berries also can be useful for reducing your cholesterol count. If your body has been found to have a high level of cholesterol, you should consider eating more berries alongside making other dietary changes. If you eat these often enough, it will become easier to keep your cholesterol in check.

Reduce your appetite

Another big benefit of eating salal berries is that they can be a useful appetite suppressant. For people looking to diet and/or reduce their caloric intake, appetite suppressants can be essential. This stops you from grazing and snacking throughout the day and makes it easier to eat only during mealtime.

You might find that you get the biggest boost in appetite suppression from eating the leaves instead of the berries, though. However, salal berries can still be a useful part of your diet if you are looking for a natural appetite suppressant.

Overcome heartburn and/or colic

Eating salal berries can also provide you with relief from heartburn. If you are someone who suffers from heartburn, then you can find that eating some salal berries provides relief over some time. While these berries might not provide the immediate relief you would get from other anti-heartburn treatments, it works quickly enough to give you a meaningful feeling of relief once the berries kick in and get to work.

In conclusion: The health benefits of salal berries are numerous

While salal berries were once an unknown quantity, they no longer are an indigenous secret. If you are looking for a way to expand your diet and eat more healthy fruits, add salal berries to your list. As they become even more common across supermarkets and fruit stores, you should find it easier to locate salal to be enjoyed daily.

As part of a well-regulated diet and lifestyle, the salal berries health benefits could become essential for a happy, healthy future. The next time you go berry shopping, add salal to your list of must-haves.