Sprouted Alfalfa Seeds, Raw

ORAC Value:
μ mol TE/100g.

The antioxidant value of Sprouted Alfalfa Seeds, Raw described in ORAC units is: 1,510 μ mol TE/100g.


When you allow seeds to partly germinate (sprout) new phytonutrients are created in the process. Best of all, your body can more easily digest sprouted seeds versus the dense shells/skins of unsprouted seeds.

In terms of the ORAC value of alfalfa sprouts vs. clover sprouts, brocolli sprouts, and bean sprouts (the most common varieties), the USDA did not provide testing for those. But they did test out radish sprouts which have approximately 45% more antioxidant content than alfalfa sprouts, according to their results.

ORAC Source

USDA Database for the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) of Selected Foods, Release 2 - Prepared by Nutrient Data Laboratory, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center (BHNRC), Agricultural Research Service (ARS), U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) - May 2010