Cinnamon Water

How To Use Cinnamon Water For Weight Loss

So many people across the globe struggle to lose weight now. Most wish there was a magical potion. Well, according to different shows, videos, and rumors galore, there are miracle weight loss items for sale.


How safe are these products? Have they been FDA approved or are they another one of the many multimillion-dollar industries that make the huge claims of losing weight and have no data to back it up?

Many of us will also agree that it is easier to put the weight on than it is to take it off. That is likely supposed to be the way it is to pay for eating all the good stuff.

The price we pay to calm the sweet tooth down or to have one of those weekends when nothing matters except binge-watching a new series.

What Happens Now?

Cinnamon Water

Well, we ate too much and now we need to figure out how to take off those extra pounds we put on. The simplest thing to say is, “Exercise’’. However, that involves work, and many of us are still looking for a miracle cure for our bad eating habits.

First off, we need to admit to ourselves there is no magic in weight loss. We will only remove and shed those pounds when we do something about it.

Secondly, we do need to understand that there are all-natural ingredients that will help you in this journey to weight loss.


Cinnamon Water

There is no getting around it, no matter what you do in order to lose weight, exercise is a necessity. Why? As you lose the fat, you need to build the muscles back up. Muscles are needed by our bodies to help us move.

One positive thought to focus on is that pound for pound, you lose the fat and gain the muscle. Muscles have less density to them than fat does, so that means they take up less room in our bodies.

It may be possible that you cannot get up and do cardio and pump iron, so to speak. When you decide to lose weight, start out slow. A few simple exercises a day will benefit you more than overdoing the exercise and then sitting around waiting to heal.

Eating Right

Cinnamon Water

There really is no magic to it! To lose weight, you must be eating healthy. You have to eliminate the foods that are only causing harm to your body. The ones that your body cannot digest and turn into energy.

Sometimes this means you will need to set up an appointment with a Registered Dietician to get a good meal plan or at least a suggestion list of foods you should eat. That Dietician will also likely tell you how many calories you should consume in one day.

Sugary foods, soda, and many processed foods are not recommended when you are on a healthy journey. Instead, drink teas, juices, and water. Do not allow yourself to buy those sugar-filled foods, find some that are lower in fats and sugars.

I, for one, do not believe in going without some sort of treat on a diet.  I know that it helps, however, when a person gets frustrated over the routine of no sugar, no treats, they tend to end the diet and just gain all the lost pounds right back.

So when I say treats, look for fruit, which has natural sugars and you can eat more at a time. Vegetables can be eaten as snacks, sugar snap peas, cauliflower, carrots, celery with peanut butter, and raisins.

All Natural Assistance

Cinnamon Water

Yes, I said that there is no magic cure, and now I am about to tell you about a drink that is said to help you lose fat overnight. This is an all-natural product, it is healthy and it tastes really good.

However, this too is no magic cure. It will take time to notice any differences in your body. We can also say that this has been tested, tried, and enjoyed. What this involves is drinking a cup of Cinnamon tea at night before you go to bed. Simply cinnamon steeped in water, add a teaspoon of honey, and enjoy it.

How it Helps

Cinnamon Water

This cinnamon weight loss drink will benefit you in ways you cannot imagine.

  1. It will help boost your metabolism
  2. It works to cleanse and detox your system
  3. Strengthen your immune system
  4. Helps promote appetite control
  5. Helps to improve complexion

The Recipe

  •             2 to 3 cups of water
  •             1 tsp ground cinnamon
  •             1 tsp honey(optional)


  1. Put water into a saucepan and set on medium-high heat
  2. Add 1 tsp ground cinnamon and stir
  3. Bring to a boil
  4. Reduce heat to a simmer,
  5. Simmer until liquid is half the amount you started with
  6. Strain the tea if you choose
  7. Drink tea right  before you go to bed


Cinnamon Water

Cinnamon is believed to help lower blood sugar levels. When your blood sugar spikes, you feel hungrier, so you eat something quick. This may not help that blood sugar spike, matter of fact, it will likely make it worse.

Since it is believed that cinnamon can possibly help control appetite, drinking cinnamon water is said to be the key to curbing the appetite. The research performed on cinnamon water did not give drastic changes to weight, and the results vary per person.  According to nutritionists, the correlation between weight loss and cinnamon still needs to be studied further.

However, they do not argue the fact that the water is helpful. Drinking more water benefits each person. Water keeps you hydrated and helps curb the appetite. What nutritionists do recommend is flavored water. There are many options to add flavor to your water, some of these include:

Pretty much anything healthy that you like whether it is fruits, vegetables, or teas, as long as it gets you to drink more water, is extremely beneficial to you. Elisabetta Politi, R.D. who works as a nutritionist at Duke Health, says when you swap any type of water for a sugary beverage, soda or sweet coffee, it is helping take away some of those calories. Sometimes up to 150 calories per drink. That is likely where the weight loss comes in.

Cinnamon and Honey Combination

Cinnamon Water

Although again, research is minimal, there is some consideration that cinnamon and honey mixture is beneficial. In 2017, a study and research showed that a compound called cinnamaldehyde may activate ‘thermogenesis’. Thermogenesis is when your body creates heat and burns calories in the process.

In 2011, research showed that using honey as a replacement for sugar can prevent weight gain. In 2010, honey was shown to help activate the hormones that will suppress your appetite.

*A word of caution here, when speaking about cinnamon, we are stating the use of Ceylon cinnamon. Many other types of cinnamon contain what is called coumarin in higher amounts. Ceylon cinnamon has lower amounts of coumarin. It has been shown that the intake of too much coumarin can cause liver issues. 

This means, that if you plan on using cinnamon water and honey, on a daily basis to test this weight loss theory, please be sure to use Ceylon Cinnamon. Ceylon Cinnamon should be purchased through a Natural Foods Store, A specialist Spice purveyor, or in a Mexican market.

To reiterate the important aspects, weight loss is something you have to work at. It truly will not happen overnight. If it is impossible for you to do a set of exercise routines, then please, speak with your Physician. Start with some minimal activities and work your way up. It is going to take time to both work your way up and lose weight.

Simply walking down a driveway, around the block will get your body started on the correct path. If you are sitting down, find the smaller weights such as 1 or 2-pound barbells, you can do arm lifts with those.

As you get more used to the activity, you will be able to do more and longer periods of time. One thing that all Dieticians, Fitness Experts, and Medical Personnel agree on is the fact that if you drink water:

You will be hydrated, which means less dry skin, softer skin, and healthier organs that will work better for you. Water has always been known to be a weight-loss helper. For years, experts have said to drink a glass of water before mealtime. This will fill you up and you will eat less. Yes, I said that WATER is a natural appetite suppressant. 


Cinnamon Water

With that being said, add flavor to your water if it helps you to drink more. Whether that is fruits, vegetables, teas, flavorings that are sugar-free, or anything that helps you drink the water.

Up to 60% of the adult human body is composed of water. When you are not refilling the water, your body is not working as it should! You must help yourself! So go ahead and add the cinnamon to the water, make the cinnamon tea, you are benefiting greatly from anything with water, plus it tastes great!