Diets That Only Harm Your Health

[toc]Modern diets are designed to normalize the digestive process, improve metabolism and help people lose weight. These are the ideal features that most people count on. But what if not all diets are equally good for you?

Marketing can be very effective, and people unconditionally believe in losing weight quickly without negative effects. But the truth is that some diets can only harm your health. Why is this happening? Let’s find this out.

Acid-Alkaline Diet

This type of diet has become popular in the last 3-5 years. Legend has that avoiding most carbohydrates, meat, sugar, fried, and cooked foods will allow you to normalize your acid-base balance and reduce your weight in a week or two.

But the problem is that the results don’t match the marketing claims. First, weight loss, in this case, is possible due to the transition to plant foods. Secondly, eating only vegetables and fruits is not the right decision.

Avoiding carbohydrates can cause gastrointestinal problems and gastritis. Only a balanced diet and moderate portions will allow you to achieve the desired effect. In addition, abruptly avoiding a certain food group will also negatively affect your health.

Anyone should gradually replace harmful foods and not change their diet 100% in one or two days. Such spontaneous changes can be compared to students ordering papers without reading essay writing service reviews. Don’t act spontaneously when it comes to your health.


Here is another example of marketing, when people are imposed an extremely unhealthy way of eating under the auspices of a diet. The goal of the Paleo diet is to throwback to the Paleolithic era when the only food for people was meat, nuts, seeds, and plant roots.

It sounds absurd enough, but many people choose this particular diet, believing that they can improve their health. Perhaps the cavemen were even stronger than the average man or woman in our time. But our ancestors lived for 30-35 years, suffered from various diseases, and were forced to survive in a harsh world.

Modern people have other gastronomic needs. Our body needs a balanced complex of vitamins and minerals, fats, and amino acids. You can exclude grains, sugar, dairy products, and beans only if you have a personal intolerance to such products.

In addition, each diet should be tested individually, taking into account the characteristics of your body. You should not radically change the process of obtaining vitamins and minerals just because someone dictates fashion trends to you.

Whole 30

This diet has become popular thanks to bloggers and social media. The main slogan is that anyone can lose up to 30 pounds in a month. First, the problem with this diet is the complete rejection of many vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and potatoes.

Second, abruptly stopping food is a fast path to food dysfunction. The problem is that bloggers will never test these experimental techniques on themselves. They only need income from advertising and sales of their products.

That is why you should forget about such diets. Imagine that you are a student and need many calories and vitamins to support your mental processes. Forget this diet and eat balanced meals. Spend money not experimenting with your body but delegating paperwork. But read essay pro reviews first. This gives you more time to pick a good company and normalize your eating cycle.

Ketogenic Diet

You will be surprised to know that this diet was originally designed for epileptic patients. Ketosis is a special condition in the body that stimulates the activity of brain cells. Possible weight loss and fat burning are just side effects. But why, then, is this diet so popular? Everything is very simple. Modern people believe every word of bloggers on social networks.

This diet has become popular because it allows you to eat a lot of meat. First, avoiding carbohydrates and vegetables will negatively affect your body. Second, the diet does not restrict the use of fatty bacon, fish, or olive oil. As a result, short-term weight loss can turn into serious problems for your body. You have only one option, and that is a balanced diet. One food group should not form the basis of your diet.

Juice Cleanse

Legend has it that fruit and vegetable juices are an easy way to lose weight. It’s simple. Skip regular meals and drink smoothies until you lose weight. Marketers promise gullible customers about significant weight loss in 7-12 days. But let’s think logically. Your body needs calories. In addition, your diet should include proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.

Sometimes you can do the so-called “fasting days” and reduce the amount of food for your stomach to normalize its work. But fasting for a week and acidic juices can negatively affect your body. Many foods contain essential ingredients to keep you healthy. Refusal from the usual diet will be accompanied by weakness, headache and can provoke chronic inflammation of the duodenum.

Mono Diet

There is a separate caste of geniuses who advocate the transition to a mono-diet and compile a daily food ratio from only one product. For example, many celebrities advise eating watermelons for 5-7 days to lose weight.

The problem is that excessive amounts of water and salt are a direct path to kidney dysfunction, edema, and kidney stones. Imagine that the acidity in your stomach is constantly elevated, and you are prone to gastritis.

What if a famous blogger tells you to eat oranges for a week? Most likely, you will provoke an increase in acidity in your stomach and run the risk of getting acquainted with a disease such as gastritis. Any mono diet should consist of healthy foods, and the average duration of a new meal set should not exceed 1-2 days. Only in this case, you will not harm your body.

Sweet Diet

Marketers are ready to offer gullible people any diet to make more money. But are fashion trends worth your health? A sweet diet means eating 100-200 grams of chocolate or candies every day. Other products are prohibited. You can take the sweets with coffee or tea. The problem is that candy or chocolate can dull your hunger, but it can’t provide you with the protein, fat, and carbohydrates you need.

Plus, high blood sugar levels can cause heartburn, migraines, fatigue, and digestive dysfunctions. You can lose a couple of pounds in a week, but a drastic change in diet can affect your psyche and even your libido. What’s more, women can experience menstrual dysfunctions.

Tapeworm Diet

Even though this diet was invented 70 years ago, it is still popular among fans of radical weight loss methods. The principle of the diet is simple. You need to swallow some tapeworm eggs. These creatures must attach themselves to the walls of your intestines and eat some of the food. As a result, a person can lose weight. First, such parasites can lead to intestinal blockage. Imagine a colony of tapeworms living in your body.

Plus, these creatures eat food. Think about the waste products that will accumulate in your stomach. You run the risk of getting many negative effects like poisoning, gastric dysfunction, and even a violation of the integrity of the stomach walls. As with any diet, common sense is your best assistant. If you need to perform non-obvious and even dangerous actions, then you better find an alternative diet.

Cotton Ball Diet

If you think eating tapeworm eggs is a bad idea, how about cotton balls? This diet was invented about ten years ago and is still popular with less educated people. The main idea is to “trick” your stomach and create a feeling of fullness. The cotton balls must first be dipped in smoothies, sour cream, or olive oil. A small amount of food triggers the digestive processes, and cotton acts like fiber, filling all the space in the stomach.

As a result, a person can lose 2-5 kilograms in a week. First, such experiments with your body can result in volvulus and surgery. Secondly, the lack of real food will only harm your body. Only a moderate diet and physical activity help to normalize weight. If you swallow cotton balls, you run the risk of stomach dysfunction or ulcers.

Werewolf Diet

If you are still not tired of marveling at the ingenuity of marketers and ignorant people, then you should take a closer look at this diet. Its authors argue that the new moon and full moon are excellent periods for avoiding food. All you can consume is fruit or vegetable juices. According to marketers, this will enhance the detoxification of your body.

But marketers do not know that the kidneys cleanse our body daily, and the consumption of fresh juices for several days will cause nothing but fatigue, dizziness, and stomach dysfunction. In addition, you will feel constant irritation and depression. Now imagine a body that stops receiving nutrients spontaneously. This can lead to an accumulation of fatty tissue, as our bodies are programmed to survive at all costs.

Final Words

You must remember that diet is an opportunity to balance your ration and add foods that will help you lose weight. But you should expect at least 3-6 months to see tangible results.

Losing weight in such a way is dangerous for your body. In addition, you run the risk of provoking chronic diseases and disrupting the work of internal organs if you choose extreme diets. Consult a professional and use common sense when choosing a diet.