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Blendtec Total Blender Review: Is It Really the Best?

What we eat is the most important factor in determining whether we are in good health or not. People spend huge amounts of money on gym memberships, home fitness equipment, and the latest craze in exercise DVDs. To do that and then go cheap on the most important part of staying healthy is crazy.

Let’s face it, eating healthy usually means eating bland food, or worse. No matter how good for you it is, the thought of eating a steamed kale leaf with lemon juice is horrifying to most people. And if you make a green smoothie in a normal blender, you’re going to be picking bits of fruit and leaves out of your teeth!

But more importantly than taste is digestion. Unlike meat, all plant cells have cell walls. If you don’t chew veggies thoroughly, some of the nutrient-rich fibrous matter will simply pass through your digestive system without being fully absorbed.

Hence, you can chew like cow all day… or simply blend instead.

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Blendtec Total Blender ReviewThis is where high-performance blenders show their value. Your superfood smoothie will always be totally blended, your protein shakes will never have those gross clumps of un-blended protein powder. It’s so convenient to just throw everything in rather than having to chop and prepare your ingredients. With a high performance blender, eating healthy is actually the easier option. Junk food will be the choice with the most hassle.

A truly Total Blender

The Blendtec Total Blender really does it all. You’ve probably seen the unique square jar design before, but until you use it you won’t know the power of the blending vortex that the shape creates.

The power

This industry-leading 1,560 watt motor cranks out up to 3 horsepower! Plenty to propel that 4 inch blade to annihilate whatever is inside.

The capacity

The three quart BPA-free jar is large enough for nearly any job; even soup for a large dinner party is no problem for this blender.

The versatility

ingredients for making a raspberry smoothie on tabletopMaybe the best way to think about a high-performance blender is to not think about it as a blender at all. It’s more of a counter-top appliance replacement.

With all of the different tasks it can handle, it really is so much more. The Blendtec Total Blender ticks all the boxes of what a high-performance blender should be.

If you make bread or bake, the Total Blender is large enough to replace your mixing bowl for making dough.

Your soups will be creamier than ever.

Turn ice into snow and wow your friends with incredible margaritas.

When fruit is at peak ripeness, make it into creamy ice cream and you can savor it then, or save it for another time.

The BPA-free jar means you can make delicious food for your baby, worry-free.

The list goes on and on; dressings, sauces, salsas, cappuccinos, hummus, nut butter, you’ll never run out of uses for a high performance blender.

The convenience

raspberry smoothieThe best thing about having a high-performance blender in your kitchen is the convenience. Quite simply, having one means that healthy, delicious meals can be prepared in no time at all. A number of features make most high-performance blenders hassle-free, and the Total Blender delivers on all counts.

It’s small enough to stay on your kitchen counter beneath the cupboards, or store below in the cabinets. The fixed blade makes the blender safe, but also means no more dealing with screwing on loose parts. The Blendtec is always assembled.

Once you have it out, just add your ingredients and select one of the pre-programmed blend cycles. The blender will slow down, speed up and stop on it’s own giving you the exact result every time whether you’re making a smoothie or baby food. It’s a great time saver that let’s you get other things done while the blender does its thing.

Cleanup is always the dreaded part of hauling out the blender, but with the Total Blender it’s a breeze. Just add water and a little dish soap, blend it for a few seconds, then take it over to the sink and rinse it. It really couldn’t be easier to clean. The flat panel design is easy to wipe off when there are any spills on the base. There are no buttons for small scraps to lodge under.


By far the biggest issue consumers have with the Blendtec Total Blender is that it is loud. Of course with all of the power it has, it’s essentially unavoidable, still, it’s important to be aware of this before buying. Especially if you plan on using it while people sleep.

Another complaint is that the base is heavy when compared to a conventional blender. This is also unavoidable, to house such a powerful motor, and be safe to use, the 5.6 pounds of metal and quality material is a necessity.

One other thing that some purchasers notice is the inevitable scratching inside the jar. Because it’s plastic, this will happen over time. The scratches won’t be deep, and the jar will still clean just fine, it’s mostly an aesthetic consideration. The only way to avoid this is with a glass jar, but glass is actually less durable and there are no good high-performance blenders that offer it.

Weigh the negative customer reviews against positive

In the box

Blendtec blender for smoothies

The Total Blender comes with the “WildSide Jar” which gives it its unique blending vortex. It also includes the Twister jar which allows you to scrape the sides with a twist of the lid while blending – an important feature when making something sticky like homemade peanut butter. It’s also great for individual servings. For sticking in the WildSide Jar, the included Spectacula Spatula is designed especially for the Total Blender.

The Fresh Blends Cookbook features over 200 pages of recipes so you’ll never run out of ideas for great, healthy meals and snacks. And of course, the Blendtec comes standard with a manufacturer 8 year limited warranty, a welcome reassurance after making a significant investment in a high-performance blender.


The Total Blender has been around for years in professional kitchens, juice bars, gyms and coffee shops. There’s no reason why only the pros should get great results and not you. When you own a high-performance blender, making green smoothies, superfood smoothies, protein shakes or anything else becomes so easy you want to do it. Junk food becomes the harder option.

If you’re sick of buying those cheap seen-on-TV bullets that just break down and can’t conquer ice, then invest in your health with a premium model. In this competitive industry, the Blendtec Total Blender is a very solid option.