Indian Basil

Benefits of Drinking Tulsi Water in the Morning

Tulsi is considered to be a healthy Indian drink. It is made with Holy Basil, otherwise known as Hot Basil. Indian Basil has been used as a medicinal part of Indian medicine treatments. Tulsi water is used on a daily basis before anything else is eaten or drunk.


Tulsi is used to help detox, help to relax and also is refreshing to the senses. Drinking a glass two or three times a day will help keep acid away.


Many of us may have watched our Grandparents drink a cup of tea every morning and wondered why. Most often Tulsi is mixed in with Chai to add flavour to the Chai tea.

Tulsi leaves have been used to treat a wide range of health issues.


Holy Basil is packed with Vitamins and nutrients. Within these peppery flavoured leaves, you will find Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Iron, and both soluble and insoluble fibre. There have been numerous benefits to drinking Tulsi Tea or water.


Helps Blood Glucose

Drinking Tulsi water helps to regulate blood sugar. It is also believed to help metabolize carbohydrates and fats. This will also help to utilize the sugar for energy.

Digestion Help

Indian Basil

In order to love your gut, it has to work properly. Drinking Tulsi water daily will also help to improve bowel movements and help prevent indigestion. This drink on a daily basis will help to flush out the nasty toxins from your body.

Respiratory Issues

Indian Basil

Tulsi water has been known to help with many respiratory issues. It is believed that drinking this water will help with the common cold, flu and even asthma.

Holy Basil has immunomodulatory, antitussive and expectorant properties that will help to clear your breathing and keep various respiratory ailments or issues at a distance and away from you.

There are multiple oils found within the Holy Basil that will help to relieve congestion also.


Indian Basil

We all experience stress at various levels. Tulsi water or Holy Basil and water is said to help ease the stress we feel on a daily basis. Studies have shown that Holy Basil water helps to balance the cortisol hormone. Along with the stress, it is known to help ease some of the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Less stress is said to lead to a longer and healthier life.

Assists in Weight Loss

Indian Basil

This blend of water and Holy Basil is believed to assist in weight loss. Tulsi is known to stimulate the digestive fluids and enzymes that are known to enhance the digestive system. This enables the digestive system to function the way it should which will help in losing weight. When the digestive tract is not working properly, it will lead to weight gain.

There are, however, side effects and risks when drinking Tulsi water. Tulsi is considered the golden gift that cures all. Used in Ayurveda, it is believed to have a full range of medicinal benefits.

In India, the leaves are not just used for Tulsi Water, they are also used to flavour many dishes and are even eaten on Sandwiches.

Other Uses

Indian Basil

The foliage of a Tulsi plant is used in some cooking and food preparation. It is considered a herb and herbal medicine.

Tulsi has antibacterial properties which can be used as a skin-nourishing preparation. For many parts of the world, it is considered a good mosquito repellent.

Side Effects or Risks


Women who are pregnant should not drink Tulsi water. The leaves come from a family of the mint plant and can have an effect on the mother and the baby. Drinking Tulsi water could lead to miscarriage or early contractions. Uterine contractions could cause premature birth.


Indian Basil

For patients who have diabetes, Tulsi can help to maintain their sugar levels. However, if a person is already on medication for Diabetes, Diabetic patients should avoid drinking Tulsi water as it will lower the sugar too much and cause dangerous issues.


Tulsi water and its consumption can have an impact on fertility. Research that was conducted on animals showed that Tulsi did affect the fertility of both males and females. Studies showed that it can lower sperm counts, and can decrease the weights of reproductive organs such as the testes, prostate, ovaries and uterus. The adrenal glands may also be affected.

Blood Thinners

For patients who currently are taking blood thinners, Tulsi water has properties that can thin the blood. Current medicine patients should avoid Tulsi in any form. For those who do not take medicine yet, Tulsi has shown to be a great home remedy.

Liver Damage

Tulsi has Eugenol present in it. Eugenol is also found in Balsam and Cloves. However, consuming too much of any of these with Eugenols can lead to severe liver damage.


Tulsi is not considered to be good for the teeth. Tulsi also has mercury within the leaves. Mercury can discolour and eventually stain your teeth. You would be better off drinking and gulping it down rather than chewing the leaves.

Tulsi leaves are by nature acidic, your mouth is alkaline. The acidic nature of Tulsi can wear down the enamel and wear it off.

How To Make Tulsi Water

Indian Basil

In order to enjoy all the benefits of this Tulsi water, you need to know how to make it the way it is recommended. The most common method is to use

  • 2 cups of hot water
  • ½ cup chopped Indian Basil, (Tulsi Leaves)

Place the hot water into a deep bowl and add the chopped Tulsi leaves. Stir. Cover the bowl and let the mix sit for 15 minutes. Tulsi water can be served hot or cooled off.

Another method is to put the water into a saucepan and add the leaves. Bring the water to a boil and let boil until it reduces by half. With this method, you can strain it and add a teaspoon of honey to it.

Regular Basil vs Tulsi


Some people are probably wondering if using Regular Basil would be the same thing as Tulsi water. There is a difference between Tulsi leaves and Basil. Both do belong to the same basic family. The difference is that the edible Basil leaves are used mainly in cooking and adding flavour to a variety of foods. Whereas the Tulsi leaves are used as a medicinal plant.

Basil and Tulsi have different sensory properties as well.

Tulsi is a blessed Indian plant. Essential oils are taken from the Tulsi plant and leaves. The leaves are used for medicinal herbs.

It is strongly thought that Tulsi assists with issues like headaches, inflammation and the common cold. It is also thought that Tulsi helps Malaria and heart disease.

The Indian people also believe that Tulsi helps rid a body of Food Poisoning.

Regular Basil is the culinary plant that is used for flavouring a variety of dishes. The Basil has a pungent and strong taste.

Tulsi also has a Religious significance also. Tulsi is considered a Holy plant according to the Hindu people. These people will give their dying people this sacred plant. It is believed to help the very sick and dying get to Heaven once they pass on.

The specific legend describes Tulsi as the Manifestation of Sita because this is considered to be a symbol of chastity and purity.

Tulsi has a hairy stem and leaves that have a tooth style leaf. The fragrant leaves are green or purple and have small purple and white tube type flowers. The fruits are called nutlets, and these nutlets produce many seeds each.

Basil has no Religious significance. Although different purposes, both Basil and Tulsi are used for human consumption.


Indian Basil

To summarize, Tulsi and Basil are two different species from the same family. One is a Blessed Religious herb, the other is used strictly for cooking. Tulsi has been used as a herbal medicine for generations.

Tulsi is used for many common health ailments and as a way to reduce or eliminate other health issues. Stress, high blood pressure, blood sugar maintenance as well as many others. Tulsi has been used and Revered for over 5,000 years as a sacred herb in India. It has many restorative properties associated with it.

Some nicknames that are given to Tulsi include ‘Queen of the Herbs’, ‘The incomparable one’, and ‘The elixir of Life’.

According to all the information that we have seen, starting each day with a cup of Tulsi mixed with Chai tea, or simply Tulsi tea is going to start your day off in a bright way and leave you feeling healthier and happier.

Even if you only drink one glass or cup of this tea daily, the effects may be minimal but you will gain some health benefits from the consumption of Tulsi Water.

Pay attention to the cautions and do not use it if you’re currently taking medicine for Diabetes or High blood pressure. Also, if you are pregnant or even breastfeeding, avoid the consumption of Tulsi.